Ocean of Images: New Photography 2015 

November 7, 2015–March 20, 2016

New Photography, MoMA’s longstanding exhibition series of recent work in photography, returns this fall in an expanded, biannual format. On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, New Photography is expanding to 19 artists and artist collectives from 14 countries, and includes works made specifically for this exhibition.

Probing the effects of an image-based post-Internet reality, Ocean of Images examines various ways of experiencing the world: through images that are b. digitally, made with scanners or lenses in the studio or the real world, presented as still or moving pictures, distributed as zines, morphed into three-dimensional objects, or remixed online. The exhibition’s title refers to the Internet as a vortex of images, a site of piracy, and a system of networks. Ocean of Images presents bodies of work that critically redefine photography as a field of experimentation and intellectual inquiry, where digital and analog, virtual and real dimensions cross over. These artists explore contemporary photo-based culture, specifically focusing on connectivity, the circulation of images, information networks, and communication models.

Coinciding with the opening of the exhibition, MoMA will also launch an online platform featuring selections from the archive of the New Photography series, including documents and images from the series’ 30-year history.

The list of the 19 artists whose work will be shown in “Ocean of Images”

– Ilit Azoulay (Israeli, b. 1972)
– Zbynek Baladrán (Czech, b. 1973)
– Lucas Blalock (American, b. 1978)
– Edson Chagas (Angolan, b. 1977)
– Natalie Czech (German, b. 1976)
– DIS (Collective, founded in New York in 2010)
– Katharina Gaenssler (German, b. 1974)
– David Hartt (Canadian, b. 1967)
– Mishka Henner (Belgian, b. 1976)
– David Horvitz (American, b. 1982)
– John Houck (American, b. 1977)
– Yuki Kimura (Japanese, b. 1971)
– Anouk Kruithof (Dutch, b. 1981)
– Basim Magdy (Egyptian, b. 1977)
– Katja Novitskova (Estonian, b. 1984)
– Marina Pinsky (Russian, b. 1986)
– Lele Saveri (Italian, b. 1980)
– Indrė Šerpytytė (Lithuanian, b. 1983)
– Lieko Shiga (Japanese, b. 1980)

LIEKO SHIGA | RINKO KAWAUCHI | Exhibition ‘In the Wake – Japanese Photographers Respond to 3/11’ | Museum of Fine Arts Boston | April – July 2015

Museum of Fine Arts Boston
In the Wake – Japanese Photographers Respond to 3/11

April 5 – July 12, 2015

Boston, USA

The Great East Japan Earthquake struck on March 11, 2011, and an enormous wave of water swept through towns in the Tōhoku (Northeast) region, destroying virtually everything in its path and irrevocably damaging the Fukushima nuclear power plant. This triple disaster was of such epic proportions that it became a defining moment for Japan. A number of photographers felt compelled to record not only the events’ physical effects on the land, but also to interpret the overarching significance of the tragedy through art. This exhibition is the first in the US or Japan to explore the photographic response to these events. Divided into two sections—the first focused on the earthquake and tsunami and the second on the Fukushima disaster—the exhibition includes the work of 17 photographers, some of whom are among Japan’s most celebrated artists (such as Naoya Hatakeyama and Nobuyoshi Araki) and others who are emerging talents. Taken as a whole, their work explores the way art provides a powerful language for reflecting on tragic events and contributing to human recovery.

Above: Lieko Shiga, ​Rasen kaigan (Spiral Shore), 46, 2011, ​from the series ​Rasen kaigan (Spiral Shore)​​, 2011. Photograph, digital print. © Lieko Shiga.