*1940 in Tokyo geboren, lebt heute in Chiba

*1940, Tokyo, Japan, based in Chiba, Japan

Since the late 1960s, Issei Suda has been photographing art and life in black-and-white images that reveal the close connection between the real and the surreal. He began his career in the theater, documenting the avant-garde group Tenjo Sajiki. In 1971, he began traveling throughout Japan, capturing people on city streets and at traditional festivals, and the patterns and textures he would find in his surroundings. These travels have resulted in such celebrated series as “Fushi Kaden” (1978) and “Human Memory” (1996), full of extraordinary, surprising, and surreal moments that Suda has an uncanny knack for pinpointing with his camera. His approach is shaped by his experience in the theater, Noh philosophy, and the “Kompora” photography movement, with its focus on the everyday and the ordinary, which, as Suda reveals in his work, is full of wonder and strangeness.