SCORING THE TWEET(S) | Warren Neidich – May 12, 2018


By Warren Neidich and performed by the Musicians
Augustin Maurs, Bettina Wenzel, Brian McCorkle,
Carter Williams, Edith Steyer, Eutalia Langer,
Irene Kurka, Lucia Mense and Marlies Debacker

in the exhibition

Warren Neidich

TRANSITION / NEUROMACHT – Noise and the Possibility of a Future

In his improvisational performative work Scoring the Tweet(s) (2018), Warren Neidich uses a cut and paste method first devised in Surrealism and later in the works of William Burroughs, to alter and rearrange the 196 tweets of Donald Trump that mention Fake News to create a graphic score. The musicians are instructed to visit each score at designated times and perform it.

Under the extended title TRANSITION / NEUROMACHT – Noise and the Possibility of a Future this installation brings the current exhibition to a new level expressing the power of poetry and improvisation as form of political resistance.

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